Friday 7 July 2017

Stake Your Claim on Victory

The onus is on each of us to rightly frame our experience of life in a way that empowers us today and in the tomorrows. As Sean Stephenson so rightly put it, “Never believe a prediction that does not empower you.” And, it does not matter who is making the prediction. Be it your pastor, your imam, your own very self, or whosoever, refuse to believe it, unless it empowers you. Even if you have a 1% chance of success, what do you stand to lose by going for it anyway? You are already on the ground, why start digging? It is time to come back up. Go for it! Life has a way of favoring the bold and the brave.

The modus operandi of a champion, which you are, is, “Be strong. Stand tall like a man, or you will become a slave. Be a man, and fight!” (Culled from the Holy Book) It is your life! You have to define it in a way that makes you win. If you don’t have a personal reference to base your success on, create (synthesize) one. You can stand on the shoulders of others who have made it. If they did, you can. Keep their picture before you. Your subconscious mind will not know the difference. Keep your heart fixed on the success stories of giants, for you yourself are a giant in the waking. Awaken the giant in you.

"Victory belongs to those that believe in it the most and believe in it the longest." (Randall Wallace) Why shouldn't that be you?

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