Sunday 4 June 2017

First Devotional Thoughts Platform (Part Three)

Testimony of God's Faithfulness (Part Three) 
Akin: You are welcome back on our Platform. Our guest will continue from where he stopped last week. Read and be blessed. 

IC: Having such a great professional success, and at the same time dealing with the worst of personal challenges (as I saw it at that point in time) made it difficult to grumble or really complain to God. I recall my brother’s constant reminder being not to be ungrateful. I was not to ask God the sort of questions that will make Him see me as being ungrateful. Having the mindset of balanced perspectives became a major enabler for my survival. In all, I continued to put my faith and trust in God knowing that He is able to make all things beautiful in my life. His numerous interventions in my life, including deliverance from armed robbery attacks (one of which was a near fatal gunshot experience) reassured me He had me in the palms of His hands. I had no reason to be afraid or lose hope.

IC: Shortly after losing our sixth pregnancy, the opportunity opened for a foreign assignment. My wife and I welcomed it as one that would allow us get to the root of the issue plaguing us, and hopefully overcome. Needless to say, a couple of months into our assignment, we enquired and got referral to a specialist medical facility. We decided to cut off everyone in our cycle of acquaintance on the issues of miscarriages, back home - family, friends, and pastors. We decided to go it alone. We reminded ourselves we have access to God as His children, and really do not need middle men in our relationship with Him. By His grace, I completely functioned in the capacity of a husband, family head and family pastor, as we chose to believe God for who He is in our lives. I remember our first visit at the doctor’s office, and the discussions we had following his review of our history. Looking at my wife, he said, “your problem is not taking in, but keeping it, you will go and come back when you see your next period and we will start our tests then”. I needed to give them my samples right away and my wife was going to be subjected to a month long tests on various days during her monthly cycle. These were to be triggered when she sees her period. To that statement my wife asked, “what if I don’t see it.” The sharp response was “we will force it out because there is no guarantee that what happened to the others will not repeat itself again”. We went home, telling ourselves “let’s not see it first, and let’s see how he will force it out”. Sure enough we did not see the period after the two weeks period it was expected, and the rest is history. Our first child came as that seventh pregnancy. We didn’t know was already on the way when we started our journey. The pregnancy test result was so strong that the threat of forcing out the period changed to let’s watch it and see. Of course there was no willful tampering with the pregnancy. It was basically God’s way of telling us we didn’t need to go that far. He blessed us with our first child, seven pregnancies and six years after marriage. Yes we had challenges and threats of miscarriage at intervals; God was with us all the way and made things beautiful for us. Four years later, four pregnancies with two successful completions, we have a full quiver with three wonderful children. We give Him all the glory.

Akin: Wow! Hallelujah! The Lord be praised. I know you have more to share, but we’ve run out of space for this week. We will pick up from here next week.

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