Sunday 14 May 2017

Questions and Answers (Thirteen): Making a Living or a Life?

Excuse me, please. I have a question.
Could you please throw more light on the difference between "Making a Living" and "Making a Life." I want to be sure my own perspective about it is correct and probably glean from your perspective. – BO, Lagos, Nigeria
"Making a living" is what everyone does. It is the natural response of a person. It is the story of all those on the rat race. It is living to meet your bills and expenses, following the bandwagon, or where the flow might take you. It is living for each and everyday, taking and being at the mercy of what life serves you. It is being reactive. Living to the dictate of life and others.

"Making a life" is taking charge of your life and its outcome. It is taking your place on the driver's seat; designing the life that you want and proactively making it come to pass. It is actively and intentionally becoming the prophet over your life and destiny. It is dictating the tone and music your life will dance to, and refusing to take "NO" for an answer. It is accepting nothing less than the standard you have set for yourself. It is making yourself be heard. It is making an entrance into life and living. It is living life to the fullest measure.

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