Saturday 15 April 2017

Sober Holy Week!

This week in Christian circles is celebrated as the Holy week (last week of lent, leading to Easter, Resurrection Sunday)

As we celebrate this week, my thoughts are on the cross, and all that it means to me, and to us all. It will probably take eternity to understand the fullness of all that Christ went through to work out our redemption. It probably suffices to say it was not an easy road. It was not a small price that was paid to work out our salvation. That be so, our place is to show appreciation. One of the ways we do this is shown in the way we handle this gift.

We show our appreciation by seeking to walk in the fullness of that which was worked for us. Salvation (redemption, adoption, election, sanctification, etc.) sure looks great on us, and brings praise to our Father who worked it for us. Let us draw continually from the well of salvation, bringing praise to our Father. Let us let Him know it was worth it all.

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