Monday 10 April 2017

Looking for a Place of Worship?

Let me start by saying, there is no perfect church. if you ever found one, pinch yourself. You are either dead, in a dream, or you just found a cult. And, for the sake of our discussion, let us assume you find a perfect church. Guess what? That church will IMMEDIATELY become IMPERFECT the moment YOU join. You will be the one to pollute the church. WHY? You are IMPERFECT. So, finding a perfect church is simply a myth. The earlier you get pass this the better, and earlier you begin to truly grow in Christ.

So, then, how does one find a SUITABLE church to be a part of? That is the real question. I use to think I could settle down in just any church. I found out, by experience, that just isn't true. And, for several reasons that is not true for every child of God. There are basic things you need to look out for in wherever you might choose to settle down to worship.

For one, you have to look at the prevailing spirit in the place. This is deep. It is not about what you see with your eyes. It is about what you witness with your inner core. Do I have a sense of peace in being in this place? Am I able to reach out to God? Is God reaching out to me? What is my umpire (PEACE, Colossians 3:15; Luke 24:32) saying? This for me is the biggest factor. And, it does not necessarily mean the church is bad, or ungodly. It might only just mean that is not where God wants you to be at this point in time. It is much more about you and what God has for you, not necessarily the church in question.

Also, a suitable church ought to be a place where the word of God is preached unadulterated. This is large and rare. Most people tend to push down the throat of their members their own understanding of scriptures to several degrees. Most people fail to understand we are not the ULTIMATE TEACHER. There is only ONE ULTIMATE TEACHER. HE IS THE HOLY SPIRIT. We are simply conduits (representatives) He uses to pass across His message. WE DO NOT HAVE THE POWER TO CHANGE A LIFE. IT IS THE HOLY SPIRIT WHO TAKES THE WORD AND WORKS OUT THE CHANGE AND GROWTH PROCESS. People do not change because we shout, preach long or short, etc. People change because we present them with the word trusting the Holy Ghost to do the INSIDE WORK. How I wish a lot more people climbing the pulpit will get this into their skulls.

Finding number two might be a challenge. You might just have to do with the best you can find, for as long as the leadership loves God and is pressing towards heaven.

I'll stop here for now. This got to get someone started.


  1. Thanks Uncle Akin for this piece. Really, it will be a colossal waste of time looking for the perfect Church. May God help us that as we fellowship together we can each be a building block in the body of Christ;for the edification of One another Ephesians 4:12



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