Tuesday 7 March 2017

Spring is Here

Spring is here…remember to spring forward by one hour mid-night Saturday.

Changing seasons remind us of the cyclical nature of life. Are you having a bad time right now? Have faith, it has a termination date. Learn all you can. Build all the muscles you can. Harvest is drawing near.

Are you having the best of times right now? Make the best of it. Life will soon demand of you how much you truly have grown during this time. Never take the time of peace for granted. Make the best of all the opportunities, for as sure as sure is, life will make demands of what you did with it.

Life is beautiful if only we learn to enjoy each season, rather that living in regrets or over-anticipation. Each season is meant to be savored, enjoyed and fully exploited. That is the secret to true happiness.

Enjoy life.



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