Wednesday 1 March 2017

March Forward in Victory

Welcome to a new month. It is another opportunity to check our self against our vision, goals and dreams. How are we doing? Are we on the right path? Or, have we deviated? Are we keeping focus, or have we been sidetracked by the love and attractions of other seemingly urgent and important things? Are we happy where we are and are headed towards? Or, is there a conflict within?
The important thing, at the end of the day, is that we do something about it. There is use sorrowing and beating our self unnecessarily. If we are out of zone, all we need do is step back in zone. Life is never a straight road. We have to be like the “North seeking” pointer on the compass. We need to always be our “vision, goals and dreams” seeking.
Irrespective of where or in what direction, the waves and tussles of life might have blown and pushed us, all we need do is use our compass in finding our way back home. The tussles and the struggles are all part of the journey. They have not happened against us. They have all happened for us. They have come to strengthen us. They have come to awaken us. They have come to prepare us. They have come to sharpen and mature us. They have come to ask, “How much do we really want it?”
So, stop the sorrowing and complaining, and stand up to the challenges of the times. Give life the answer of your focus - your heart. You have all it takes to make it. Let the warrior in you stand up. Let the giant in you stand up. Let the champion in you rise to the occasion. You were made for such a time as this. There is good in the land. And, it is yours for the taking.
This is a good year. It is a prosperous year. It is a year of mighty breakthroughs, enlargement and breaking forth. It is a year of restoration and overtaking. It is a year of promotion, a year of healing and recovery. It is a good year. And, we are well able to take all that is ours. No blessing that is ours will pass us by.
March come on and let us roll.

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