Wednesday 1 March 2017

Hello March!

Where did January and February go? Or, rather, more appropriately, when and how did they brisk through? I was just sharing with a colleague, at work, yesterday on how time flies. And, that is good, especially if you are in control, rather on top of things. However, life is not about being in control of everything. The day you become in control of everything you’ll be dead.

Life is just what it is. Our place is to make the most of it. Our place is to set our own sail and keep making the adjustments in harnessing the winds; the storms and shakings work in our favor. We do not control the winds of time. We do not control the waves and the storms of life. We do control and are responsible for how they affect us and where they lead us. That we can NEVER abdicate to anyone else.

Welcome to the prophetic month of March. Whatever your dreams, goals and vision might be, it is time to MARCH FORWARD. It is time to get along the path to your happiness. It is time to get along the path to your fulfillment. Stop waiting for tomorrow. Stop waiting for a favorable season. Stop waiting for when the stars align. They are already aligned and have been waiting for you all along.

It is time to step out in faith and do that which you have always wanted to do. It is time to take the plunge and grow your wings on the way down. It is time to do that which you’ve always wanted to do badly until you know how to do it well. What are you waiting for?

So, set your sail. Keep your goals and vision ever before you. Refuse to be lost in the follow the follower’s game. Know why you do what you do and refuse to remain small.

Come on March, let us March forward unto greater and higher grounds.

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