Friday, 6 January 2023

Believers' Prayer Meeting with The Saint | R 14 W 4 D 5.

Welcome to the Upper Room. So glad you came to our place of refuge, rest, and comfort.

We continue to lead ourselves in The Throne Room as we meditate in The Book of Daniel. We hit on Daniel 6:14 today. It reads,

"And the king, when he heard these words, was greatly displeased with himself, and set his heart on Daniel to deliver him; and he labored till the going down of the sun to deliver him." 

There are still good men in this life. Not everyone is corrupt. Not everyone cannot be trusted. Only yesterday, while looking for yam seedling for this year's farming year/season, I met a lady. We stroke a cord at the end of the day. She has been into farmign the last three (3) years. 

She has already learned the same lessons I am presenting learning. She has gone through her sowing (losiong seasons And, has already began her reaping season. That is a whole lot of encouragement for someone like me who is still in the sowing (midnight) season.

All we did was meet on Social Media, had a phone conversation and we are already in business. I am able to trust her enough to make a purchase without ever meeting. The same without another middle man bringing me product from Iwo, Osun State. There are still good and trustworthy men out there.

Darius loved Daniel. It was a pure love. One the bible tells us was because of who Daniel had proved himself to be. Daniel 6:3 reads, 

"Then this Daniel distinguished himself above the governors and satraps, because an excellent spirit was in him; and the king gave thought to setting him over the whole realm." 

Daniel did not have to manipulate the system. He simply went the extra mile. He was faithful to his God, himself and the King, in that order. And, he was duly reward. Excellence still pays. No everyone is corrupt. 

The Law of God still works in the visible realm. He is a rewarder.

Let's pray.

The Saint.

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