Friday, 4 November 2022

Believers' Prayer Meeting with The Saint | R 13 W 2 D 5.

Welcome, to the Upper Room. So glad you made it.

We continue digging into Daniel 6:3, as we lead ourselves into prayers. We are investigating what it means to have an excellent spirit through the eyes and lives of the Patriarchs. We landed yesterday at Terah. We continue from there, in Genesis 12:1-3, to Abraham.

The word to Abraham in Genesis 12:1-3 mirrors exactly what Terah began to do. As we shared yesterday the first word was to Terah, but he settled in Haran. He fell short of the call, mission, and vision of God. He settled. So, did not bring to pass the fullness of what God had in and through him.

God's eternal purpose cannot be truncated by any one singular person or people. God finishes His work ever before it starts. He sees it done, and that word of prophecy has all the power in it to accomplish that which God has set out to do.

The word of prophecy does not force itself on any singular person. It does not take away a person's agency. Agency is the basis of judgment, so God will not compromise it. He gives each of us the opportunity to be a part of His plan, but the final choice is ours to make.

Adam failed, but God already made provision before the foundation of the world for redemption. Adam's treason was not going to truncate the eternal purpose of God. Nor was God going to force Adam to obey him. God's plan needed Adam's consent, or plan B is activated.

So, we learn from God the need to always finish before we start. Everything is created twice. First in our mind and or on paper, before it is implemented in the field. The Prussian 19th century Field Marshal Helmuth von Moltke the Elder puts it this way,

"No plan of operations extends with any certainty beyond the first encounter with the main enemy forces. Only the layman believes that in the course of a campaign he sees the consistent implementation of an original thought that has been considered in advance in every detail and retained to the end."

Planning considers all the possible changes and makes the right contingency plans. Did God have to do this? Yes! He sure did, otherwise, we will not see the smooth transitioning of the same word for Terah to Abram. God has it all figured out. 

Do you? Do you have an excellent spirit? Let us pray.

The Saint.

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