Thursday, 24 November 2022

Believers' Prayer Meeting with The Saint | R 13 W 5 D 4.

Welcome to the Upper Room. So glad, as always, that you came.

We continue with our study in "The Book of Daniel," as we lead ourselves into the place of prayers. We hit on Daniel 6:4 today. God intended to promote Daniel, but...there was opposition. Isn't that familiar?

Can you speak of the kind of opposition in your own life? Just when it seems like everything is about to take the right turn for good, but...something happens. Why? But why? Why do we have u-turns, upsets, disappointments, let downs, etc.?

Simple. I am not going to bog you down with rhetorics and religion. The simple reason why we have all those let downs and sad stories is the simple fact that we have an enemy. We are not here on a free ride. 

We have someone whose main task is to ensure we don't have a free ride. A share something this morning on social media on how to war through life, and a question is "even if you don't know where the next meal will come from?"

The resounding answer, without any apology is, YES. A big fat YES. If your present strategy is working for you, then stay at it. If not, can you try something different. Happiness breeds Happiness. Sorrow breed sorrow. You take your pick.

We have an enemy. How much clearer can I say that? We have an enemy. You cannot have a free ride. You are at war. It does not matter whether you believe it or not. It does not matter whether you accept it or not. 

You are at war, and there are principles and ways for livign and winning at this game of life. QED.

Let's pray.

The Saint.

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