Wednesday 5 October 2022

Believers' Prayer Meeting with The Saint | R 12 W 5 D 3.

Welcome to the Upper Room. So glad you came.

We closed out on Daniel 5 yesterday, and moved on to Daniel 6 today. More like when we hit on Daniel 1:8, Daniel 6:3 sticks easily out. It reads, 

“Then this Daniel distinguished himself above the governors and satraps, because an excellent spirit was in him; and the king gave thought to setting him over the whole realm.” (NKJV)

Do you notice, it was not that God suspended protocol, like a lot of prayer merchants would like you believe. You see a lot of people praying for things they are supposed to take action on. They suppose themselves waiting on God, while God is waiting on them.

I remember Papa Hagin sharing on a woman who wanted to stop drink, but was busy praying that God come take it away, without an effort from her own part. Or, someone praying to stop promiscuity, yet walks with his own feet to the harlots' abode.

Deception of the highest order, that is the effect all these prayer merchants are leaving the church with. People praying for peace in their homes yet they are the chief instigators of war in the same homes. Somehow they suppose prayer is some magical spell that bypasses their will and effort.

These ain't the worshippers God is seeking for. These are worshippers of their own belly and emotions. Noisemakers at best. God is looking for true worshippers, not actors. He is looking for those who worship him in spirit and in truth, not just with their lips.

Let's pray.

The Saint.

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