Monday, 31 October 2022

Believers' Prayer Meeting with The Saint | R 13 W 2 D 1.

Welcome to the Upper Room. So glad to have you. 

We continue our meditation in Daniel 6:3, "An Excellent Spirit." We started looking at the Patriarchs last Thursday. We continue today with Abel, the man who's offering the Lord accepted. There obviously was a reason for the Lord making a differentiation between his offering and that of Cain. 

The first thing we observe, as we read his story in Genesis 4, is that he was the second born. He did not have the privileges of being the firstborn. How so often the bible repeats this illustration. We had Jacob and Esau; Joseph and his brothers; the prodigal son and his brother; David and his brothers, etc. 

Being the firstborn is a privileged position, no doubt about that. It, however, does not guarantee an excellent spirit, nor does it trump one. An excellent spirit is a reward in itself. One with an excellent spirit does not abuse privileges, nor is limited by one. 

It respects privileges and uses them, when available, with the utmost discretion and honor. And, when not available does not allow it to limit them. They still produce the aroma of their own spirit in all they do and where they are. They distinguish themselves out.

One with an excellent spirit brings their heart to whatsoever they do, and wherever they find themselves. There are no menial jobs or tasks. Every job and or task is given the right attention, with the intent of leaving a signature touch. 

When the scripture describes Adam's function in the garden it was not that of a tiller. It was that of a dresser. Abel was a KEEPER of sheep. The word KEEPER carries a bigger weight than a TILLER (who Cain was). More like the difference between a "TAILOR" and a "FASHION DESIGNER;" "a barber and a BEAUTICIAN." 

One with an excellent spirit goes the extra mile. This is probably already implied from such being conscientious. Still, it is worth mentioning. The extra mile is what separates men and women from boys and girls, respectively. It is what separates the rich from the poor, the successful from the unsuccessful. 

When Cain failed, God came to him to tell him what to do, but he was too full of himself to listen. One with an excellent spirit is not like that. They are teachable and pliable. Having an excellent spirit does not mean one is perfect, but surely it is one willing to learn and grow. 

One with an excellent spirit is not self-conscious. Rather they are mission- and vision-focused. They are not overcome or overwhelmed by comparison with others. Cain was overly self-conscious that he killed his brother. Not so is one with an excellent spirit. They are about comparing themselves to their former self, their vision, and their mission.

Finally, we see that one with an excellent spirit is not self-deluded. Cain killed his brother and assumed he could hide it. He went on with his business as if nothing had happened. Not so one with an excellent spirit. 

One with an excellent spirit understands that there are no isolated incidents in life. They understand that everything affects every other thing.

Do you have an excellent spirit? 

Let us pray. 

The Saint.

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