Monday 26 September 2022

Believers' Prayer Meeting with The Saint | R 12 W 4 D 1.

Welcome to the Upper Room. So glad you made it.

'Tis a New Week, and I love New - the sound, the smell and the feeling.

We continue with our meditation in The Book of Daniel. We latch unto Daniel rising to the occasion of life, Chapter 5. The King needed someone to read the handwriting on the wall, but none could, but Daniel.

The Queen remembered what Daniel had done during the reign of Nebuchadnezzar and related it to the the King. Daniel had differentiated himself on auspicious occasions, and made a difference for himself.

The difference he made for others in these auspicious times made the difference for him. The water he provided for others did not leave him dry. That is the way God created His universe. We get blessed and make a living by being a blessing, not by hoarding.

Rabbi Daniel Lapin teaches us this principle in his book, "Thou Shall Prosper - The Ten Commandments for making money." He teaches that "Leader," in the Hebrew vocabulary, is anyone who rises up to the occasion of life.

Leadership is not a title. It is a job to be done. An act, not a title, nor position. It is an active word. When a leader shows up, the followers will follow, and both will be well rewarded for their place and position in the scheme of things.

So, are you rising to the occasion of life. No one is expecting more from you than all you can give. You just need to show up will all you have been graced. God is waiting. The world is waiting.
Let us pray.

The Saint.

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