Thursday, 2 June 2022

Believers' Prayer Meeting with The Saint | R 10 W 1 D 4.

Welcome to the Upper Room. So glad you came. 

I was just discussing with a colleague this week how people make simple things difficult all in the name of showing they are the boss. And, truly that is all they are "buses," not leaders. They have no clue what it means to guide people. 

Their underlining assumption is that people are lazy and need to be pushed. What a truly limiting belief that is. No wonder some supposed leaders could not cope with remote working arrangements. They need to feel the "ogaship (bossiness)." 

Such have their egos way ahead of them. They are the candidates for depression when the position they base their life on is taken away. Trusting you are not such. Inferiority and superiority complexes are limiting positions. 

What a person is, is what the person is regardless of others. Our walk has nothing to do with how we compare with others, but how we compare with the mandate of our own life. Get it? 

Let's pray. 

The Saint.

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