Tuesday 26 April 2022

Believers' Prayer Meeting with The Saint | R 9 W 3 D 2.

Welcome to another day in the Upper Room. So glad you made. 

Just thinking about David in the back side of the desert shepherding his father's sheep. The tiger came for the sheep. David did not stay back and pray for the sheep. Rather, his faith caused him not to only pray, but take action. He took action in faith. Then and only then did he see the deliverance of Jehovah. That is so very much unlike the supposed christians of today. Not sure where we got our learned helplessness from. 

The other day I was listening to someone lead prayers raising prayer points expecting God to come and do what people are expected to do. Really? When did God get so low? God is waiting for us, and not our supposed reverse. It is tie to take actions in faith according to God's commissioning in His word. Until we do, we will not see His deliverance. 

Let's pray. 

The Saint.

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