Friday 22 April 2022

Believers' Prayer Meeting with The Saint | R 9 W 2 D 4.

Welcome to another day in the Upper Room. So glad you made it. 

How are you doing? Do you have an obsession? Why not, if not? Who deceived? What are you doing with your God within, otherwise called enthusiasm? You do know that is the root meaning of the word. Right? It is from the compound en-theos (God within). 

If you have no en-theos, you are no better than dead. There is a deposit of God in each of us which we are here to show forth. That is our portion, no other person can do it better than us. It is our brand, our winning formula, our selling point. If you have not found yours, you better do. Otherwise, you might got no other option. 

Let's Pray. 

The Saint.

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