Tuesday 8 February 2022

Believers' Prayer Meeting with The Saint | R 7 W 6 D 2.

Welcome to another day in the Upper Room. So, glad you came. How are the relationships in your life? Are they working for you? Why not, if not? What are you doing about it? 

We are each here for one another. God never created an island. All that takes place on the inside of us is geared to get us in a position to be a blessing to someone else. Yes, you first need to win your private battles, but that is not the of it all. 

When you have won your private battles, it is time to engage in the public battles. It is time to be a great son, daughter, father, mother, sibling, friend, colleague, associate, etc. Our fulfillment is not found in our own self, but in the impact, we make on others. 

Let's pray. 

The Saint.

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