Thursday, 9 December 2021

Believers' Prayer Meeting with St. Akin | R 6 W 4 D 4.

Welcome, Home. Welcome to the House of Prayer for all Nation. Welcome to the Upper Room. 

Welcome to the God's Court Room. The session is about to start. Are you ready? 

The preach tells us, "when we come, we ought to prepare ourselves." Why? "God is in Heaven and we are on Earth." Do you understand that? Jesus tells us when we pray, we should say, "Our Father, who art in Heaven." What does that portend to you? There is an order in the courtroom. 

We are not heard because of our much speaking or shouting, nor our gymnastics. In fact, the preacher counsels that "we let our words be few." Let our word be geared towards our needs. Let them be the sincere outflow of our hearts and not the mere observance of religious duty. 

Our Father is spirit and seeks for us to come to him in spirit and in truth. He seeks true worship. Do you have the like to give today? 

Let's pray. 

St. Akin de Prayer.

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