Friday 5 November 2021

Believers' Prayer Meeting with St. Akin | R 5 W 6 D 5.

Welcome to the Upper Room. 

It is our closing day for the week. It's been another awesome week in the Father's presence. I never take it for granted that I have access by faith into the presence of our Heavenly Father. Isn't it rather instructive that Jesus tells us to Him, "Our Father WHO HATH IN HEAVEN?" Not just our Father, but "Our Father WHO HATH IN HEAVEN." He is not our feeling God or one we can access by our five senses. He is not in this three (3) dimensional sphere. He is in another dimension, the heavenly, spiritual dimension. 

Meaning? I need all the tools that work in that dimension to be able to pray adequately. Right? The easy and popular one is of course FAITH. Without faith, I cannot pray or relate appropriately to God. Right? Let us come in faith to our Father who hath in heaven. 

Let's pray.

St. Akin de Prayer.

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