Tuesday, 6 July 2021

Praying in the Holy Ghost with St. Akin de Prayer - R 3 W 4 D 2.

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Welcome to the Upper Room, my stress casting ground. 

Having this time set aside to be in the Upper Room has been a blessing for me. It is my opportunity to come cast all my cares upon Him who is able to carry and handle them. It is my opportunity to, like Tyler Perry, says, "climb and maintain." Wow! Never thought that would hold such power in my life until I started doing it. I come into the Upper Room to climb up to my seat with Christ in heavenly places, and I maintain. In the heavenly places above all principalities and powers. 

Awesome! I got power in Christ. I got to get this power to use. 

Let's pray.

St. Akin de Prayer.

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